Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Extra mile for Success!

The Himalayan Times - a national daily in Nepal sent me an interesting questions today for their next "Sunday Perspective" for April 9, 2007 issue and asked me to respond by the end of the day.

The question was about the time pressure, if the time pressure stimulates creative thinking and better output from employees? Or pressure just acts as the stifling factor? I never had thought about this before. It made me think immediately and analyze my experience.

I believe, success begins on the extra mile. Time pressure is that extra mile. It stimulates the thrust to bring out all your hidden and open capabilities at the same time. You stand out and really prove yourself if you are forced by time or target. I have seen most of the visible achievement are made at the time of pressure. Moment of success after the pressured work is the most memorable and you feel utmost pleasure. But the super-extra pressure causes the distraction to job and sloppy output. So I believe a sufficient pressure works just like a stimulant for creative thinking and visible accomplishment.

Moderate pressure never works. Pressure should be "just sufficient" to stimulate enthusiasm for creativity and pleasure.

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